Seminar Program

(Preliminary schedule. Some adjustments
may be made to meet operational needs.)


Sunday 25 August

5:30-8:00 pm   Registation
  A.A. Red Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory
6:00-8:00 pm   Welcome Reception
  A.A. Red Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory


Monday 26 August

8:00-9:00 am   Registration and Breakfast
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

9:00-9:10 am   Welcome to IWMS-24
  Prof. Eric Hansen -- Oregon State University
  Dr. Darrell Wong -- FPInnovations

Session 1:     Keynote

  Chair: Gary Schajer
9:10-9:40 am   History of the International Wood Machining Seminars
  Ryszard Szymani, Wood Machining Institute

Session 2:     Wood Machining

  Chair: Eric Hansen
9:40-10:00 am   Single Tooth Cutting Forces in Green Norway Spruce: Experimental Results   Mats Ekevad, Micael Öhman, Xiaolei Guo

10:00-10:20 am   Developments in Circular Saw Guide Pad Design
  Bruce Lehmann, Ahmad Mohammadpanah

10:20-11:00 am   Poster Session 1   (with Coffee Break)
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

Session 3:     Wood Machining   (continued)

  Chair: Darrell Wong
11:00-11:20 am   Critical Temperature of Circular Saws
  Ahmad Mohammadpanah, Bruce Lehmann

11:20-11:40 am   Effect of Saw Material Properties on Guided Circular Saw Cutting Accuracy   Warren Bird

11:40-12:00 pm   Effect on Sawing Accuracy of the Lamella Position in a Sash Gang Saw   K.A. Orlowski, D. Chuchala, J. Sandak

12:00-1:30 pm   Lunch
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

Session 4:     Wood Machining   (continued)

  Chair: Frieder Scholz
1:30-1:50 pm   Specific Cutting Coefficients at Different Grain Orientations Determined During Real Machining Operations
  R. Curti, B. Marcon, R. Furferi, L. Denaud, G. Goli

1:50-2:10 pm   Increasing the Stability of Thin Circular Saw Blades by Reduction of the Radial Stiffness   W. Szyszkowski and S. Szyszkowski

2:10-2:30 pm   Effect of Radial Force on Debarking Efficiency with Frozen Logs   Wassim Kharrat, Roger Hernández, Claudia Cáceres, Carl Blais

2:30-3:00 pm   Poster Session 2   (with Coffee Break)
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

Session 5:     Wood Machining   (continued)

  Chair: Roger Hernández
3:00-3:20 pm   Relationships Between Chip Formation in Orthogonal Cutting of Hinoki and Strain Near Cutting Edge
  Yosuke Matsuda, Yuko Fujiwara, Yoshihisa Fujii

3:20-3:40 pm   Novel Test Method Enabling Detailed Analysis of Wood Cutting Processes   S. Frybort, O. Dvořáček, T. Krenke, F. Haa

3:40-4:00 pm   Effect of the Gullet Geometry on Circular Saw Noise Emission   D. Fendeleur

4:00-4:20pm   Vibration of Guided Circular Saws
  S. G. Hutton, A. Mohammadpanah

4:20 pm   Adjourn


Tuesday 27 August

8:00-9:00 am   Breakfast
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

Session 6:     Sensors and Quality Control

  Chair: Nobuaki Hattori
9:00-9:20 am   Linear Scanning Device for Wood Grain Direction Measurement   Qi Pan, Gary S. Schajer

9:20-9:40 am   Vision System for On-line Monitoring of Wood Surface Roughness
  Jakub Sandak, Kazimierz Orlowski, Anna Sandak, Daniel Chuchala, Piotr Taube

9:40-10:00 am   Acousto-ultrasonic Evaluation of Carbide Saw Tip Integrity   John Schultz and Richard L. Lemaster

10:00-10:20 am   Poster Session 3   (with Coffee Break)
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

Session 7:     Novel Products and Production Processes

  Chair: Kazimierz Orlowski
10:20-10:40 am   Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing of Furniture Components   A. Riegel, C. Kortüm

10:40-11:00 am   Holistic-Subjective Automatic Grading of Sawn Timber: Sensitivity to Systematic Changes
  Linus Olofsson, Olof Broman, Dick Sandberg

11:00-11:20 am   Energy Efficient and Controlled Narrow Surface Coating Process with Multi-layer Ceramic Materials   M. Herzberg, A. Wagenführ

11:20-11:40 am   Micro-Focus X-Ray CT Observation of Pinholes Incised by Laser and Drill in Lamina for Fire-proof Timber
  N. Hattori, K. Ando, T. Harada, D. Kamikawa, M. Miyabayashi, D. Matsubara

11:40-12:30 pm   Lunch
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

12:30 pm   Van Departure for In-Seminar Tour
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

12:30-5:30 pm   In-Seminar Tour
  -- Starker Forests, Inc.
  -- Georgia Pacific (Planer Mill and Sawmill)
  -- Return to CH2M Hill Alumni Center

6:30 pm   Van Departure for Seminar Banquet
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

6:50-8:40 pm   Seminar Banquet
  Forestry Club Cabin

8:40 pm   Van Departure

9:00 pm   Return to CH2M Hill Alumni Center


Wednesday 28 August

8:00-9:00 am   Breakfast
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

Session 8:     Sensors and Quality Control   (continued)

  Chair: Jakub Sandak
9:00-9:20 am   Solid Wood Bending Across the Grain: Making it Work
  O. Eggert, P. Haller, J. Wehsener

9:20-9:40 am   Value Added Diversification of Sawmill By-products
  R. Abdallah, X.-M. Wang, W. Tropper, S. Constantineau

9:40-10:00 am   Industry 4.0 Based Versatile Production Systems in the Furniture Industry   J. Paul

10:00-10:20 am   Development of a Compact Flexible Manufacturing Cell for Producing Timber Frame Elements   Niki Karatza

10:20-10:50 am   Poster Session 4   (with Coffee Break)
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

Session 9:     Novel Products and Production Processes

  Chair: Christian Gottlöber
10:50-11:10 am   Research on the CO2 Laser Modification of Poplar Wood Surface   Rongrong Li, Wei Xu

11:10-11:30 am   Woodworking Training for Students and Research Activity in Kyoto University   Yoshihisa Fujii

Session 10:     Veneer Production

  Chair: Scott Leavengood
11:30-11:50 am   Influence of Peeling Process Parameters on Hardwood Veneer Lathe Check Properties
  L. Denaud, B. Marcon, A.Rohumaa, C. Purba, J. Viguier, R. Letourneau, R Marchal

11:50-12:10 pm   Peeled Veneer from Douglas-Fir: Soaking Temperature Influence on the Surface Roughness
  R. Frayssinhes, S. Stefanowski, L. Denaud, S. Girardon, B. Marcon, R. Collet

12:10-1:30 pm   Lunch
  CH2M Hill Alumni Center

Session 11:     Sanding and Dust Mitigation

  Chair: Kohji Murata
1:30-1:50 pm   Development of an Adaptive Suction Hood for a CNC Machining Center   K. Binninger, F. Scholz

1:50-2:10 pm   Airborne Dust Emission in the Sawing Process of Douglas-fir Wood   Julie Cool, Vahid Nasir

2:10-2:30 pm   A Comparison of the Abrasive Sanding Dust Emission Characteristics of Oil Palm Wood and Rubberwood
  J. Ratnasingam, Hazirah Ab Latib and Frieder Scholz

2:30-2:50 pm   Material Removal and Surface Creation During Single-grit Scratching of Wood Materials   Jian Zhang, Bin Luo, L Li, Hongguang Liu

Announcement of IWMS-25

2:50-3:10 pm   Prof. Nobuaki Hattori

Seminar Conclusion & Adjourn

3:10-3:30 pm   Prof. Eric Hansen and Dr. Darrell Wong


Poster Presentations

Influence of Wood Density in the Specific Cutting Energy During Planing   Anna Carolina de Almeida Andrade, Carolina Nogueira Xavier, Rodrigo Simetti, José Reinaldo Moreira da Silva

Effect of Cutting Condition on Cutting Energy and Accuracy in Processing Micro Finger Joints   K. Fujimoto, Y. Hiramatsu, M. Kojima, K. Ogawa, H. Suesada, R. Takase, K. Suzuki

Modelling of Wood Machining Processes with Artificial Neural Networks   C. Gottlöber, A. Wagenführ

Effect of Chipping Edge Inclination Angle on Size Distribution of Pulp Chips Produced by a Chipper-Canter   Victor Grubîi, Claudia B. Cáceres, Roger Hernández, Carl Blais

Development of Cost Simulation Tool for Profitability Evaluation of CLT Manufacturing in Japan   Hirotaka Komata, Seiji Watanabe, Yoshinori Ohasi, Teruhisa Miyauchi and Nobuaki Hattori

Characteristics of Large-Diameter Sugi Log and Quality of the Sawn Lumber   Yukari Matsumura, Yuji Ikami, Yosuke Matsuda

Relationships of Crack Propagation and Stress Intensity Factors in Wood Cutting   Masumi Minagawa, Yosuke Matsuda, Yuko Fujiwara and Yoshihisa Fujii

Approaches for the Assessment of the Abrasiveness of Woodbased Materials   F. Scholz, S. G. Koppula, K. Binninger, J. Ratnasingam and a Student group

Specific Energy Consumption of Cutting Jackfruit Wood at Different Feed Speeds   Carolina Nogueira Xavier, Anna Carolina de Almeida Andrade, José, Moreira da Silva, Alexandre Monteiro de Carvalho

Post-Seminar Tour

  (Additional registration required)


Thursday 29 August

7:00-8:00 am   Breakfast
  Richardson Hall, Room 107 & 115

8:00 am   Depart from Richardson Hall

9:00 am   Murphy Plywood

11:00 am   Arauco MDF

12:30 pm   Lunch at El Charro Restaurant (Eugene)

2:30 pm   Willamette Valley Company, Pre-Tec Division

5:45 pm   Return to Richardson Hall


Friday 30 August

7:00-8:00 am   Breakfast
  Richardson Hall, Room 107 & 115

8:00 am   Depart from Richardson Hall

9:00 am   Weyerhaeuser Santiam Sawmill

12:00 pm   Picnic lunch at Silver Falls State Park

2:30 pm   Freres Mass Panel Plywood Facility

5:00 pm   Return to Richardson Hall